la terreta, Taverna Valenciana

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travessia de Sant Antoni 11, 08012, Barcelona
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"La Terreta" (The small land) is a small, nice place in the neighborhood of Gràcia. We are not a big and famous restaurant with plenty of stars, and we don't belong to a big food chain or rich investors. We are just a few people who try every day to offer something different to their customers.We are a Valencian tavern in Barcelona. Our purpose is to serve as a meeting point for people from Valencia living in Barcelona, but also for everyone, wherever they may come from, who may want to learn more about our culture, language and identity. At "La Terreta" you will discover music from every place where songs in Catalan language are created, either from Valencia or Catalonia, or even from the Balear Islands as well. At "La Terreta" you can taste drinks like "Cafè Licor", also known as "Burret", coming from Alcoi, or "mistela", a delicious sweet wine that we get straight from the cellar in Turís, where it's elaborated. We also have the tipical "cassalla", a strong and powerful anisette that you must try if you want to get the real Valencian experience!. At "La Terreta" you can also eat delicious tapas, elaborated in an easy and healthy way. We have, for instance, “Pa en Oli I Sal” , our attempt to get back to the roots of Mediterranean food. You will be able to taste different oils from Valencia and Catalonia, different breads and and combine them with cheese or cold meat, just the way our ancestors used to eat. So, "La Terreta" is not the tipical place where tourists use to go and pay much for less. Actually we are the opposite of that. At "La Terreta" you get to sense the real atmosphere of a tavern where Valencian and Catalonian people go, and if you come with the right mood at the right time you can make acquaintance with some of them. They'll be glad to share with you their experiences and We're sure they'll learn also a lot from you! See you at La Terreta!

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