Pirineus 1935

Bar -  Mediterránea -  Europea
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Bailen, 244, 08024, Barcelona
  • Abierto - (12:00-00:00)

We opened 27,725 days ago. Since. In 75 years we have served 11,937,459 people. Grilled Our customers are fed 1182692. Nearly 375,000 fans have enjoyed ice cream desserts. 2653846 Some youth have been gnashing our love patatas bravas. Sundays 3,576,923 customers have been happy with our tapas. Apart. 2,423,076 People have offered our beer. 1,641,023 Children I have taken some refreshment. Never have been able to serve coffee alone: ??in each we have put a bit of our soul. QUIERES IF YOU EAT FROM LAS RITMO 07 : y las 02 00h: 00h Madrugada OF HERE TO CHOOSE WHERE HAVE I imagine. Pyrenees We Day menu. Ask the waiter Starters authentic Andalusian gazpacho or cannelloni Moussaca (Give us 15 minutes) Asparagus "Cojonudos" mayonnaise and panache of sausages with potato salad Scrambled eggs and nuts baldana Iberian Alosno Huelva: Plate of ham steak dish cane Assortment Iberian Fried eggs: fried potatoes with bacon chips and fries and ham salads bathed in liquid gold Andalusian Mixed garden tomato, lettuce, onion and asparagus Catalan tomato, lettuce, onion, sausage and chickpeas Stoned our seasoned style salad "De la Vega" tomato, onion, tuna and egg Greek yogurt, tomato and oregano Pyrenees (let me surprise you) Germany (Frankfurt sausage and potatoes) Grilled Beef Girona grilled with salt Volcanic Steak Steak (250g). Filet beans with sausage Calaf loin medallions grilled lamb chops Milanese Fish Fish market (S / M) mussels squid rings perfume of garlic Cod Cod tin beans Galician octopus with paprika vera shrimp casserole made ??with garlic shrimp llagostinera (12 pieces) red prawns from Huelva (12 pieces) Our Tapas croquette "stew" (unit) Homemade Ridge (unit) Cantabrian Anchovies (piece) Chips handmade items olives blood sausage or chorizo ??(unit) Pump homemade spicy Spanish omelette or vegetables Russian Salad Day Salad Patatas bravas "Pyrenees" The authentic, spicy or garlic sauce Roasted homemade meatballs homemade planter with Padron Peppers salt homemade pickled anchovies Cod dotted pop mussels Cod can (1 piece) Baby octopus in American sauce Fried calamari Grilled cuttlefish with garlic and parsley shrimp salty Manchego cheese (dry or semi) Cockles 25/35 pieces Half portion of Iberian Octopus Galician dish or Assortment of Iberian ham sandwiches Special: Trout "pregnant" What you want inside? 4:20 "Calimero" chicken breast, lettuce and mayonnaise on crusty bread 4:50 Farmer A chorizo, a baldana onion bread with 4:50 Murciano tuna, pepper, olives and boiled egg 4:50 Bocalamar Roman squid, lettuce and mayonnaise 5.20 Vegetable tuna, lettuce , tomato, mayonnaise and fried egg 5:50 "Huevo loco" ham, bacon, cheese, lettuce and fried egg 5.60 Serranito grilled ham, peppers and fried medallions of pork 5.70 Hamburger Full lettuce, onion, tomato, cheese, bacon and fried egg 6:00 Pyrenees grilled tenderloin, brie, bacon, onion and pepper 6:50 Classics: Bikini 3:00 3:20 French omelette Spanish omelette 3:20 3:40 Chistorra ham or tuna in olive oil Gibraltar 3:50 Whip, Bishop Catalan sausage or 3:50 3:50 Sobrassada Mallorca Frankfurt giant Bratwurst or 3.80 Country ham 3.90 4.80 Manchego Cheese or Chorizo ??Sausage Iberian 5:50 6:50 Iberian ham or pork sausage Calaf 6:50 Cantabrian Anchovies (4 pieces) 6:50 Toast Toast Bergueda from 7:50 6.90 Iberico chorizo ??sausage or tuna with aubergine 6.90 Manchego Cheese 7:20 Toast Bergueda (sausage Calaf) 7:50 loin and cheese 7.75 Cantabrian Anchovies (5 pieces) 7.80 8.20 Tuna and anchovies anchovies and Manchego cheese (3 pieces) 8:50 Tuna with roasted vegetables and anchovies 8.90 9.75 Iberian ham or loin "morcon" Iberian 9.75 Dishes loin, grilled 2 eggs, potatoes and green salad 8:50 squid rings, potato salad and croquettes 2 9:50 2 eggs with bacon, and French fries 7:25 burger with fries and salad cold 7.25 Sausage omelette + + potato salad 7:50 Calaf sausage with potatoes and garlic sauce 8.00 Meatballs with fries 6.50 Cod (1peca) with fries and roasted peppers 7.50 Beef steak with fries and green tomato 9:00 loin grilled with fries 20.07 Ribs Kid 13:50 chips fish of the day with dres

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