Peras & Pears

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Placa Portals, 3, 07181, Calvià, Illes Balears
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FRESH HEALTHY NATURAL FOOD!!Fruit n veg and organic shop in plaza de portals nous. Freshly made juices/smoothies and healthy take away lunches and snacks!! "Eatcha greens!” demanded the mother,
“They’ll put colour in ya cheeks!” she insisted,
“But I don’t want green cheeks!” wailed the toddler....
At Peras and Pears, Kate doesn’t just want us to eat our greens, she wants us to drink our greens; and not just our greens, but our reds, yellows, pinks, blues and oranges too!
Kate’s shop has arrived as an explosion of fresh colour in the heart of Portals and since that day, munching our way through our daily five has become less of a chore and more of a greedy delight!
Kids of all ages adore her pressed to order fruit and vegetable juices and freshly blitzed smoothies which are slurped on site or guzzled in takeaway cups to go. You can sample the juice of the day or invent a bespoke concoction of your own design. It’s all good!
Decorated in the style of a traditional barrow stall, Peras has wooden boxes of fresh produce lining the walls and an island laden with baskets of local organic fruit and veg in the centre. You grab a straw basket and forage freely, knowing that every effort has been made to select only the freshest, the crispest and the tastiest for your table. Where possible produce is locally sourced and organically certified too, but well, mangos are so delicious and they just don’t grow so well in Magaluf.
Too busy to pick your own? Kate will organise a veg box for you. Standard or organic? Just call 971677702 for details and times.
The spirit and success of this delicious shop is personal service. If she hasn't got what you're looking for, she'll order it in for the next day. Unusual tastes? She'll track them down! Kate has a passionate interest in nutrition and health which she is happy to share and which is evident in her increasingly strong offering of organic dry produce and her lines of extra virgin coconut oil, tofus and her local, ecological wines. She will inspire and inform but this shop is first and foremost about fun and flavor, not force feeding!

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