Catòlics Restaurant

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C/Clivillers, 7 1r Pis, 17800, Olot, Girona
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Where do we come from? We are two young chefs "Olot" trained at the School of Hotel and Tourism St. Narcissus, Girona. Recently, our concerns led us to undertake our own adventure owners, the result of that dream is now our local: The Restaurant Catholic. Our local The site consists of three areas totally different, yet all are the same symphony, which has been decorated as thinking like a movie scene where the diner is the protagonist. Bar Upon entering the premises you are the bar , decorated simulating abroad: with lights, birds on branches, flying ducks and table white marble . The bar and dining room are divided by a wall with three doors and five windows, each of which hangs a planter with different kinds of herbs and medicinal purposes. The set mimics the facade of a house . Dining Crossing the wall entering the dining house , decorated based on hanger stand, restored antique radiators, lamps and tables with glasses and cloak. The Terrace To conclude the sunroom space in the middle of one of the buildings fancanes the old Olot and where you can see Mount Batet. A place to rest from the noise of the city. Modern kitchen and innovative We offer traditional recipes and varied. Every day , we practice our extensive knowledge and creativity to surprise the chefs, like the delicate and curious surprise. We present our customers with various letters economic varied according to their budgets and needs. For your special group outings or family, we make available menus depending on the number of diners. Our bright and airy rooms for the practice of their cultural and artistic activities.

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